You’d expect that at the end of the day, when workers are tired and ready to go home, dull responsiveness might make injuries likely. In fact, the most biting time of day for accidents is just before lunch, according to a study done by Pinnacol Assurance issued on Labor Day 2018.

Construction workers are most vulnerable to getting hurt in the late morning, researchers found. The causes are many and often specific to the worker; a dip in blood sugar, inadequate hydrating, or a faulty breakfast menu are common culprits, the study holds.

In addition to the slow trudge in “metabolic valley” at that hour, more generally, the study found that inexperience is a contributor to workplace injuries: About 44 percent of the injury claims made by construction and natural resource workers happen to those in the first year on the job; 38 percent for healthcare workers; and 30 percent for professional and clerical workers.

Subjecting new hires to a regular workload on day one could be dangerous — especially before noon.

Source: Pinnacol Assurance